What Type of Roofing Shingles Reflect the Most Heat?

It’s important to consider the sun when thinking about what types of shingles to put on your home, especially here in the Sunshine State. As we’ll see below, choosing the right shingles for our sunny weather can either make or break your home. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about what type of shingles stay cooler in Florida:

  • Clay: The curved shape of clay tiles allows air to circulate underneath, keeping the interior of the home cooler and more comfortable throughout the summer. This, along with their stylish appearance, is why clay tiles are so popular on homes in places like Florida and the Southwest. The only downside of tile is that the tiles are heavy and relatively expensive. However, they last for decades without needing to be replaced, so their lifetime cost is actually rather low.
  • Slate: Homeowners who want the cooling properties of clay without the associated price should consider slate. These shingles are thick and heavy, which means it takes the sun a while to heat them up and transfer that heat indoors. Slate shingles are also installed in a manner that improves airflow between the shingles and the roof deck, lowering the temperature up in your attic.
  • Metal: What used to be seen as a cheap and even tacky roofing material has now become popular across the country. Today’s metal roofs are designed with air space between the panels and the decking. This void acts as a thermal barrier, preventing heat from the hot metal from transferring to your attic.

Reasons to consider updating your roofing

We talk to many homeowners who are satisfied with their current roofing material and have no interest in what type of shingles stay cooler in Florida. But if you’re in the market for a change, here are a few of the reasons to upgrade your roof with one of the styles mentioned above:

  • Energy efficiency: The hotter the interior of your home gets, the more you need to run the air conditioner to keep cool. Consequently, running the AC more frequently can really drive up your energy bills. Re-roofing your home with clay tiles might involve a hefty upfront cost, but you can recoup some of that with savings on your monthly energy bill.
  • Comfort: A hot home is an uncomfortable one. Unless you’re fine with running your AC 24/7, we recommend upgrading your roofing and knowing what types of roofs stay cooler in Florida. A cool roof above your head can lead to a more comfortable indoor living space.
  • Style and curb appeal: Re-roofing is about more than just staying cool and saving money on energy bills—it’s also essential for the overall appearance of your home. Ensure your house is one of the best-looking ones on the block by upgrading to a beautiful clay tile roof.

Upgrade your roof by calling Winter Springs Roofing & Repair

Hiring the right roofer for your shingle replacement project is equally as important as choosing the right shingles for our climate. Smart homeowners choose Winter Springs Roofing & Repair for all of their tile roofing needs. On top of knowing what types of roofs stay cooler in Florida, we’re experts in working on roofs of all shapes and sizes. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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