Easy DIY Repairs You Can Do

Many homeowners are quick to call a roofing contractor when there’s an issue with their roof. Of course, acting fast is a good thing, as it mitigates the need for extensive repairs down the road. However, you might not need to call a roofer to fix all of your problems. This post will cover what repairs are easily done on a roof in Florida and what you can do without the help of a contractor:

  • Small hole repair: Massive holes caused by extensive hail damage or fallen branches should obviously be addressed by a professional, but those tiny holes caused by things like nails can typically be patched up by a homeowner. Simply covering them with flashing should be enough to prevent leaks and keep your home safe from further damage.
  • Shingle removal: The first step a professional roofer takes during roof replacement is often removing all of the old shingles. You can save your roofer some trouble and potentially save a little bit of money by taking care of this step yourself. Just be careful while you’re up on the roof, as it certainly isn’t the safest job out there.
  • Shingle replacement: Shingles fall off or get damaged all the time. Instead of calling a roofer each time you notice a loose or missing one, just replace the shingle yourself. Shingle replacement is one of the easiest DIY roof repairs in Florida, and it can save you quite a bit of money.
  • Flashing: Metal flashing around your chimney, vents and skylights is essential in keeping the elements out. Unfortunately, the metal is susceptible to damage over time. Inspect your flashing for any visible damage and ensure it’s not causing any leaks. If it’s compromised, you can pick some up at the hardware store and replace it yourself.

Reasons to hire a pro instead

Now you know what repairs are easily done on a roof in Florida, but should you really tackle them yourself? These are a few reasons to hire a pro to take care of all of your roofing projects, large or small:

  • Peace of mind: Unless you’ve done it for decades like our team has, you can never be 100 percent confident that your DIY roof work will hold up. The best way to ensure peace of mind that your roof is sturdy and won’t have any future problems is to call a pro. You can’t put a price on that level of reassurance.
  • Safety concerns: As we mentioned above, roofing is a dangerous job. The risk of falling off and injuring yourself is incredibly high. Instead of risking it, hire professionals to handle the repairs for you. As an experienced and highly-skilled team, we feel safe and confident while working on roofs.
  • Time saving: Unless you’re someone who enjoys tackling DIY projects, working on your roof might seem like a waste of time. Instead of spending your weekends up on the roof, call a professional to handle it. Trust us—spending time with friends and family is better than working out in the hot sun.

Just call Winter Springs Roofing & Repair

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