Why Installing a Roof This Summer Is a Smart Investment

Let’s face facts: No one looks forward to replacing their roof. You have plenty going on in your life, and the last thing you need is to think about expensive, time-consuming roof repair. But the reality is that your roof will need to be replaced, and ignoring this need could just make the problem worse. It’s an important decision you should take seriously, including considerations as to when to tackle this project. If you’re thinking about a summer roof replacement, read on for some tips.

Lower prices

If you’re able to schedule a roof job well in advance, you may be able to get a better price. Late summer tends to be a less busy time of year for roofers. This means contractors may be willing to negotiate a lower price, as they’re eager to use excess materials.

Roof types

Summer may be the best time of year to replace a roof, depending on the type of shingles you’re using. If you’re choosing traditional asphalt shingles, it’s best to have temperatures that are moderate to high for a good length of time. Typically, it’s recommended that the temperatures be no lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit when the roof is being worked on. You can basically guarantee the temperatures won’t drop that low during the summer months.

Take advantage of the weather

There are many areas across the country that experience a very rainy spring season, and this kind of weather is hazardous for roof repair. You want consistent, warm weather for roof projects. It’s best to avoid having to deal with storms whenever possible when you’re investing in your home’s roof. These tend to be more common in the winter and spring, leaving summer as an ideal time for replacement.

Longer days

The sun shines for longer during the summer than any other time during the year. This makes it ideal for contractors to use a full day working on your home’s roof. There will be no worries about the sun setting too early, causing work stoppages.

Cons associated with other seasons

There can, of course, be problems during the summer, including the thunderstorms associated with the later part of the season. However, there are problems with other seasons as well.

For example, the sealing process for asphalt shingles may not be possible during winter due to low temperatures. Days in a row of rain in spring and fall can also slow things down. Fall tends to be very busy, meaning it may be difficult to get on a roofer’s schedule—and if you do, expect to pay slightly higher prices than at other times of the year.

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