When to Call a Roofer

Have you noticed some recent issues with your roof? Are there missing shingles or water leaks in your attic? There are many reasons you may want a roofing professional to take a look at your roof. And while it might be tempting to make certain repairs on your own, it’s usually best to call in a professional instead. This will help prevent injuries and further roof damage. Read on to learn about common reasons for contacting a roofer.

You want a new roof

It’s never a good idea to try and install a new roof on your own. Even if you have a crew of friends to help out, it’s easy to make mistakes when installing a roof. A roof that’s installed incorrectly could experience leaks, loose shingles and all kinds of other issues. Being up on a roof all day is also a major safety hazard.

There are leaks

Don’t wait to call a roofing contractor if you’re noticing leaks. Small leaks can quickly turn into larger ones. Additionally, serious water damage to your home is a real possibility when there are leaks. A professional roofer can determine the exact location of your leak. They can also repair the leak before any major damage occurs.

Mold growth

It’s important to remove mold or moss on your roof as soon as possible. When left untreated, mold can weaken your roof and cause unsightly streaks. It also creates a slippery surface, making it extremely dangerous to get on your roof. Contact a roofer at the first sign of mold. They will remove all traces of the material and offer advice for preventing future growth.

Missing shingles

If your shingles have started to peel, it’s time to call a roofing professional. Areas of your roof with missing shingles are more exposed to weather and have a greater potential for leaks. Let a roofing contractor repair or replace your shingles before there’s any major damage to your home.

Scheduling an inspection

Even if there aren’t any present issues with your roof, it’s good to schedule a routine inspection from time to time. These inspections will help prevent the need for major repairs in the future. A professional roof inspector will check for cracks, loose shingles and any other areas that need improvement.

It’s important that your roof is properly prepared for changes in the seasons. This is why most people recommend having your roof inspected at the beginning of spring and fall of each year. Doing so will help prevent ice dams, sun damage, storm damage and other common issues.

While some common roof issues are easy to take care of on your own, it’s usually best to call a roofer. This is especially true if you don’t have much experience in roofing. Working on your own roof is often a safety concern, as you could suffer a nasty fall. It’s also possible that you’ll end up doing more damage than good when working on your own roof. Save yourself some time and energy by working with a professional roofer.

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