Is My Roof Suitable for a Skylight?

Skylights are great for letting in natural light and adding ambiance to an interior. However, skylights aren’t suitable for every setting. If you’re asking, “Can my house have a skylight?” there are several things you should consider. Use the following tips to determine if your roof is suitable for a skylight and, if so, the best next steps to add this feature to your home:

  • Check out the rafters: The answer to whether your house can have a skylight is largely determined by the placement of the property’s rafters. Consider where you would want to place the skylight, then look at where the rafters of the home are located. If there is room between the rafters for a skylight where you want it, then your roof may be suitable for a skylight.
  • Choose quality: If you don’t have the budget to choose a quality skylight, it’s best to skip this feature. Watertightness, energy efficiency, wind resistance, UV coatings and ventilation are all important qualities. If you’re going to cut a hole in your roof, you want to make sure the skylight you install has these features to make sure it delivers optimal performance.
  • Determine the slope: What is the slope of your roof? A variety of flashing kits are available to accommodate different pitches. Make sure the materials are available to suit the slope of your roofline before you begin. If you’re not sure how to determine the slope, contact a local roofing professional for assistance.
  • Put safety first: If you’re considering a DIY skylight project, carefully weigh the risks. If your roofline is particularly steep, this can add to the danger. Don’t underestimate the possibility of a fall. To reduce risk to your safety as well as to the condition of your roof, hire a professional roofer to install your skylight.
  • Start with the shingles: Before you start cutting the opening for your skylight, you’ll need to remove the shingles. You must remove the full sheet of shingles to expose the area where the skylight will be installed.
  • Waterproof your roof: You’ll need to divert ice and water away from the skylight opening. Use waterproof flashing to do this. Make sure your roof area can accommodate this flashing to determine the answer to whether your house can have a skylight.
  • Insulate: Keep in mind that you will need to install extra insulation and drywall as well as the skylight. This will reduce condensation and improve energy efficiency. For full-service skylight installation that includes additional construction tasks, partner with a professional roofing company.

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