Common Roof Issues and How to Solve Them

A roof is arguably the most important part of any structure, providing shelter from the elements. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t check the condition of your roof too often. In most cases, people wait until it’s too late and the roof has problems that can’t be ignored. Wondering what’s wrong with your roof? Here are five common signs that show you need roof maintenance, as well as the best steps to take to resolve the issues.

Roof leaks

A leak is one of the most obvious signs you need roof maintenance. Leaks can be caused by many issues, including broken shingles and damage to flashing. Leaks are usually located several feet away from the area of water penetration. No matter the severity of the leak, you need help from the professionals to deal with the damage and make sure water won’t enter your property again.

Damaged shingles

Shingle roofs can get damaged from the effects of wind and rain. As the sealant attaching shingles wears off, the shingles can tear off completely. Shingle roofs generally last up to 20 years, and it’s only a matter of time before shingles start tearing off the roof. While a single shingle may not be too hard to replace yourself, large areas of damage require professional attention from experienced roofing contractors.

Damaged flashing

Flashing is typically made from plastic or sheet metal, and it’s used to protect creases and seams between the roof and other features of your home like the chimney or exterior walls. Flashing also preserves venting pipes under roofing materials. Wear and tear over time can cause the flashing material to crack and become loose, making the fixtures vulnerable to the damaging effects of water. A roofing contractor can help you remove the surrounding materials safely and replace the flashing, preventing leaks from occurring in the future.

Granules in the downspout

Noticing granules in your downspouts? This is never a good sign—it shows that your shingles are getting weak and are in need of replacement. Once granules fall off shingles, it makes the entire roof more vulnerable, and the shingles will start to crack. The typical fix for this problem is entire roof replacement, which should always be done by an experienced roofing contractor you know and trust.

Pooling water

Stagnant, pooling water on your roof is usually caused by debris-clogged gutters. This problem is common to buildings with flat or low-sloped roofs, since it’s easier for water to pool and collect. Standing water can severely damage your roof. The best solution is to work with a roofing contractor to create tapered areas over the roof’s surface, allowing the water to run off safely and effectively from the structure.

When you notice areas of roof damage and wonder what’s wrong with your roof, give Winter Springs Roofing & Repair a call. We know what it takes to repair any issue you may have with your roof, and will always provide efficient and affordable repairs you can rely on.

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