What To Know About Chimney Repair and Rebuilding

A chimney plays an integral role for most home structures. One of the key and necessary home maintenance programs that should be carried out occasionally is chimney inspection. However, during the occasional maintenance, one must pay keen interest in safety measures.

When the chimney undergoes regular maintenance, there are some notable benefits such as improved performance and safety around the fireplace, no water leaks, a significant increase in the value of a home, and a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Chimney Repair Information

The Chimney Safety Institute of America, in conjunction with the National Fire Protection Association, has advocated for chimney inspection and service yearly. This is in the quest to prevent not only the outbreak of fires but also check for signs and damages caused by animals.

A regular chimney inspection can help arrest problems such as cracks, water damage, spalling issues, deteriorated flashing, pests, creosote buildup, and blockages before they become a hazard. It is critical to note that even if the fireplace is not in regular use, chimney inspection annually is invaluable.

Facts About Chimney Repair and Rebuilding

Chimney rebuilding is the best assurance that the chimney is free from any type of hazard. There are two services offered when it comes to chimney rebuilds; partial and complete rebuild. Partial rebuilds mostly work well for very small chimneys. Small chimneys rarely need scaffolding and, in most cases, just a part of the chimney requires replacement. On the other hand, a complete rebuild works best for big chimneys that usually are damaged at the top. These chimneys require the replacement of both the crown and outside brick.

The cost of chimney rebuilding ranges between $1,000 to $3,000. The price is dependent on several factors, such as the size of the chimney, work needed, fireplaces, and utility flues. The bottom line of the cost of rebuilding a chimney depends on the materials and work required, and these may vary from one home to another and the situation. When looking for quotes on chimney rebuilding, it is critical to get one from a certified technician and one that does a documented evaluation.

Final Thoughts

Having a yearly inspection of your chimney can help prevent extremely dangerous occurrences to your family and your house. It is important not to ignore the slightest problems uncovered by the inspection. Some major issues will call for a chimney rebuilding by a certified technician. A chimney rebuild helps minimize the risk of fires, leaks, and unwanted pests that could pose a hazard to your family.

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