What Do I Need To Know Before Re-roofing?

We can all agree that when remodeling our homes, one of the projects we do not look forward to is re-roofing, mainly because it is a huge project that requires thorough preparation to get the job done. The work can go smoothly with a partner like Winter Springs Roofing & Repair, and knowing what goes into a re-roofing project helps. Take a look at some of the things you need to know before re-roofing.

How Long Does a Reroof Last?

How long does re-roofing last? This is a question most clients ask, yet it does not have a direct answer. Several factors will contribute to this. For instance, some roofs can last 20 years while others can last over 50 years. It all depends on various factors like the roofing materials, quality of material used, and the skill of a roofer. Here are examples of how long certain types of roofs last:

  • Metal roofs – up to 70 years
  • Clay tiles – more than 50 years
  • Wood shingles- 30 years
  • Architectural shingles – 25 to 30 years
  • Asphalt shingles – 15 to 30 years
  • Slate tiles – more than 100 years

That means the duration a re-roof will last depends on the roofing material. When you opt for a durable material and keep up with roof maintenance, your roof will last longer.

What Is the Process of Re-roofing?

Several steps go into a re-roofing project. First, you need to research several roofing companies and then find the best roofing contractor for the job. Depending on how complex the job is, some of the steps involved in a re-roofing project include:

  • Prep work involves installing safety boards and protecting the surrounding landscape to avoid damage.
  • Tearing off the old roof.
  • Inspect the roof deck to see that there is no damage such as mold and that the plywood is still in great shape to install a new roof.
  • Installing underlayment to ensure that water will not seep through the roof and into the building.
  • Installing flashings and shingles.
  • Cleaning up needs to be done after the tear-off, and final clean-up once the job is done to ensure no staples or nails have been left behind.

Is a Re-roof a Good Investment?

Re-roofing is one of those projects that will bring a return on your investment. Some of the reasons why you should do it include?

  • Increase the value of your property with an ROI of about 60%
  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Prevent ice dam during winter
  • Quality re-roofing will last a long time

Roofs Need Two Warranties

When you are re-roofing your property, you need two warranties. One is from the manufacturer, which covers defects, and the other is from the roofing contractor, covering the workmanship. Read these documents carefully to know what you are signing up for.

Are you looking for re-roofing services? Winter Springs Roofing & Repair has provided our customers with quality roofing services for decades. We pride ourselves on being ethical and avoiding unscrupulous practices that have been found in the re-roofing industry. We are also BBB accredited, so you can trust us to follow the industry standards. Call us today.

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