How to Maintain Your Concrete Roof Tiles?

Tiled roofs are both elegant and long-lasting. They also give you various options in terms of appearance, budget, weight, and durability. Besides their beauty, they are resistant to insect damage, water, and frost. But to enjoy the benefits that this type of roof has to offer, one needs to keep it well maintained. That is because even a strong and durable roof can be prone to damage or accidents. And since replacing or fixing the roof can be a bit costly, maintenance is the best way to care for your roof.

How Long Does a Concrete Tile Roof Last?

The standard duration is about 50 years. But to keep a roof for this long, one will need to inspect the roof regularly, maintain it and work with a professional roofer during installation and repairs. Here are some tips for maintaining your concrete roof tiles.


Should you clean concrete tile roofs? We get this question a lot because people do not expect concrete roof tiles to have high-maintenance requirements. However, algae and moss can still grow on this roof. You can rectify this by cleaning it. This will help the roof maintain its natural color and beauty while protecting it from damage. Concrete roof tile cleaning needs to be done once a year through soft washing. This will remove dust, dirt, lichen, and algae. To ensure that the job is done thoroughly without damaging the roof, let a professional clean the roof for you.

Repair the Roof When Necessary

As much as concrete roof tiles are strong and durable, there is bound to be occasional damage here and there. Do those small repairs immediately to save yourself from costly future repairs. As soon as you notice broken tiles, replace them immediately to prevent water from seeping through the roof.

Remove Debris

One of the disadvantages of living in a windy area is that a lot of dirt and debris will be blown onto your roof from time to time. Eventually, all this dirt can clog your gutter, preventing water from draining when it rains. That means the water can compromise the integrity of your roof. Inspect your roof regularly and remove any debris you see. This is a simple task that will go a long way in increasing the longevity of your roof.

Install and Maintain Top Flashing

Roof flashing is necessary to prevent water from seeping through your tiles. A roof flashing system is usually installed in certain roof features like chimneys, vents, and skylights to ensure water is directed away from vulnerable parts of the roof. Failing to do this will cause water to seep into your home, leading to water damage. You should always let a professional roofer install a roof flashing system on your roof as they know best practices and safety requirements.

Concrete roof tile maintenance will not only make your roof last a long time but will also increase its appeal. Allow our team at Winter Springs Roofing & Repair to help you with that. We are experts in concrete roof tile restoration. When it comes to cleaning, we do not recommend pressure washing as the pressure can remove sand, color, and cement from the surface of the tile. Instead, we take a different approach, which is sealing or re-glazing. Your tiles will look much better and repel water much easier, hence producing better results. If you are looking to restore your concrete roof tiles, give us a call.

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