How to Remodel a Chimney

A chimney’s purpose is to remove fireplace smoke and other hot gases from your home’s fireplace. Even in warm climates, a chimney is necessary if the home has any type of fireplace. If your home has a chimney, then keep reading. This post will cover everything you need to know about chimney remodeling in Florida.

Why might you need to remodel a chimney?

Chimney remodeling isn’t usually a cheap or quick process. For those reasons, we don’t often get calls from homeowners who want to remodel their chimney on a whim.

The most obvious reason is that the homeowner is dissatisfied with the chimney’s appearance and wants it to better complement the appearance of their home. After all, a shoddy-looking chimney can really tarnish the overall look of a house.

Homeowners also call roofing professionals to remodel a chimney if there’s severe structural damage to it. Minor flaws can be corrected with chimney repairs in Florida, but in some cases, the only way to salvage the chimney is by completely remodeling it. Only a roofing contractor will know which route is the best one to take.

Steps for remodeling

Whether you want a fresh look or your chimney is in poor shape, here’s how to go about chimney remodeling in Florida:

  • Examine the liner: The first steps in remodeling any chimney or a fireplace are to ensure the liner is intact and the flue is functional. Older homes may not be outfitted with chimney liners, which is a fire hazard and against local fire codes. Additionally, an old or damaged chimney might not have a working flue, which means the chimney won’t function as it should.
  • Build a frame: After your contractor has ensured that the interior of the chimney is structurally sound, we’ll set to work building a wooden frame around the chimney. The frame will be the “bones” of your new and improved chimney, ensuring that the chimney both looks great and is fully functional.
  • Add a finish: Finally, the chimney contractors will add a finish on top of the frame. Common finishes include brick, stone, wood or stucco. Just be sure that your chosen finish fits within your budget and will look great on your home.

Chimney remodeling isn’t a DIY project!

The do-it-yourself-ers out there may be tempted to perform chimney work by themselves, but that’s a bad decision! Not only is chimney remodeling a dangerous task for inexperienced homeowners, but it can also lead to poor results if it’s performed incorrectly.

In addition to a poor appearance, a remodeled chimney might not remove those hot gases correctly, which is a safety hazard when the fireplace is lit. Instead of risking it to save a few bucks, be sure to hire a licensed professional to perform all of your chimney or roofing work.

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