The Best Roofs for Homes in Florida

There are certain considerations you should make before undertaking a roof restoration project at your Florida home. For example, the state experiences high winds and heavy rain during hurricane season. It’s also humid and warm throughout much of the year. You’ll want to make sure your roof can withstand many different types of weather. Thankfully, there are plenty of strong roofing materials that look great and function well on almost any home. Read on for some of the most popular options when it comes to roofs in Florida:

  • Metal roofing: Metal is one of the strongest and most versatile roofing materials available. It comes in several different types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Copper roofing, for example, usually lasts long and is easy to install. However, this material is very expensive and dents easily. Other types of metal roofing include steel, aluminum and zinc. Steel is the most common thanks to its durability and affordability. If you’re considering a metal roof, it’s best to ask a roofing professional which material would work best for your home.
  • Asphalt shingles: Florida residents love asphalt shingle roofs. This type of roofing material is extremely affordable and looks great on most homes. Asphalt shingles are also durable when installed correctly. In fact, these types of roofs can sometimes last up to 30 years. If you’re considering asphalt shingles, be sure to work with a top-quality roofer in the area. These roofs can easily get damaged in high winds if they aren’t properly installed and maintained.
  • Flat roofs: Flat roofs have gained popularity over the years, as they give buildings a sleek and modern look. Flat roofs come in two different types, including built-up roofing and modified bitumen roofs. Both types are attractive and affordable, but installation is often difficult. You’ll want to work with a professional roofing contractor instead of trying to install a flat roof on your own.
  • Tile roofing: Tile is another popular type of material for roof restoration projects in Florida. These roofs are often made from either clay, concrete or slate. It’s a good idea to consider all these materials before deciding on one. Most tile roofs, no matter what material they’re made from, are affordable and durable. Clay tile roofs in particular are a great choice for Florida residents. This is because clay tiles aren’t easily damaged by salt content in the air. The main disadvantage of clay tile roofs is that they’re difficult to install. That’s why it’s best to contact a professional if you’re considering a clay tile roof.

Choosing the right type of roof

It’s good to consider all the different types of roofs before making a final decision. Think about your budget and which roofing materials would look best on your home. It’s also important to consider the durability and energy efficiency of each roofing material. If you’re having trouble deciding on the right type of roof, speak with an expert in your area to help weigh your options.

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