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May 3, 2010

So respectful and kind

"I wanted to also give props to winter springs roofing. They aren't working on my roof but they are doing several in our neighborhood. I really, really appreciate that they drive the speed limit in our subdivision, actually stop at the stop signs and always give me a wave and a smile when I'm out walking the dog. I wish my neighbors were as respectful and kind as this company is!"
May 2, 2010

The only ones I trust with my roofing needs

"I just wanted to give a shout out and Thank the Winter Springs Roofing and repair...they are an amazing team of High integrity, respectful courteous crew! (and they have a sense of humor...they really listen and for us that is probably one of the most important things...they serve to meet your needs) My husband and I are thrilled with our new roof and the quality and efficiency of the work they have done. (It rained last night and we even got a call to ease my husband’s heart just in case he was tempted to worry about how the rain will affect the finished product) We have used them over the years for small repairs and were always impressed however having an entire crew for a couple days I can't say enough about all of them...Thank you!"
May 1, 2010

Always there for me when I need them

"Winter Springs Roofing and Repair (WSRR) has done a couple of roof repairs for me in the past so I made sure I received a quote from them when I needed a whole new roof due to hail damage. Bill Sumner, the owner, provided me with a competitive quote, explained the process, and made recommendations about shingle type, color, and venting options. I sought and received quotes from three other area roofing companies. All companies were within a couple thousand dollars in price. All proposed similar materials and work. I decided to go with WSRR because I had experience with them and had been satisfied in the past. Also, the company is local so I know where to find them if I need them. The roofers started on a Wednesday and finished on Friday. Everything went exactly as Bill described. I had been especially concerned about the possibility of damage to my brick paver driveway and patio. Bill explained that they would use a trailer with tires and not use a construction dumpster in order to protect the pavers. They would lay down tarps and then lay down plywood on the pavers before parking the trainer on the pavers. They did all of that and I have no damage to the pavers as a result. They also covered all bushes with tarps to catch as much of the nails and trash as possible. They also ran a large magnet around the house perimeter in order to pick up as many nails as possible. I have had roofs replaced in the past and it is a messy job. It is difficult for any roofer to get up all of the nails and little bits of flashing and shingle. I feel that WSRR did as good a job as can be expected and I doubt any roofer would clean up any better. I have found maybe a dozen nails and a few pieces of flashing and shingle trimmings since they finished and I expect I'll find more in the weeks to come.  Overall, the finished roof looks great and the quality of workmanship seems fine. I would recommend you consider WSRR and at least include them on your short-list when getting estimates for your roof work. A side note: If you've never had a roof replaced I suggest you consider NOT being home while they are working as the noise can be maddening. I chose to stay home and wear noise canceling headphones the whole time; they worked great at quieting the noise."
April 30, 2010

Always on the job

"Winter Springs Roofing just completed a rebuild of my chimney, and other roofing repair. I was worried about possible damage to the fireplace, driveway, sidewalk and stucco due to the amount of work required on this job. Not only was there no damage and thorough clean-up, Winter Springs Roofing exceeded my expectations with the quality of the work and materials. The price was fair and the work was excellent. I highly recommend this Company."
April 29, 2010

Winter Springs is great!

"Bill at winter springs roofing and repair gave excellent service.This company replaced my roof in an expedient manner did a great job and was truly professional. An honest business which is hard to find!"